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Meal Plans

In order to meet your campus dining needs, we've designed the following meal plans for the 2013-2014 academic year. If you need to purchase a meal plan, or if you would like to make a change to the plan you have already selected, simply go to - www.cabrini.edu/reslife 

- Cabrini Dining FAQs -


19 meal plan includes $100.00 of Flex 
Per semester: $2,395 

Meals Offered:
3 meals offered daily (B-L-D), Monday – Friday,
2 meals offered on Saturday and Sunday (Brunch and Dinner).

14 meal plan includes $200.00 of Flex
Per semester: $2,395

Meals Offered:
Any 14 meals Sunday through Saturday.



5 meal plan includes Meal Exchange & $200.00 Flex
Per semester: $770

Meals Offered: 
Any 5 meals per week (85 for the semester)

50 meal plan includes Meal Exchange & 275.00 Flex
Per semester: $677

* Selection of a Campus Dining Services Meal Plan entitles you to a Meal Card, which allows you purchasing power equivalent to the plan you have selected.*

* Only apartment residents and commuters can buy the 5 meal plan and 50 meal plans. All other residents are required to pick a 19 or 14 meal plan.*

How to Purchase a Meal Plan
If you need to purchase a meal plan, contact Residence Life, 610-902-8410.

Meal Exchange & Cash Equivalency

Students on a meal plan have the option of enjoying their meals in CAVS CORNER or may use a meal exchange in JAZZMAN’S & SANDELLA'S at specific times that is equivalent to a specifc cash amount being the cash equivalency.

Meal exchange and cash equivalency in JAZZMAN'S & SANDELLA'S Monday through Friday:




Breakfast 9:00am - 11:30am
Lunch 1:00pm - 4:30pm
Dinner 6:00pm - 7:30pm


For any purchase above the exchange/equivalency rates you can use your flex or cash for the balance.

Door Meal Rates at CAVS CORNER

CAVS CORNER is open to everyone on campus. If you do not have a meal plan or Flex Dollars, we accept cash and all major credit cards at the entrance.  The rates differ depending on the meal period:



Premium Dinner


Our Goals

One of our main goals is to provide a pleasant, clean, comfortable and satisfying dining experience. In order to meet this goal, we ask for your assistance with the following procedures:

  • Please bus your plates and disposables from your table when you have finished dining.
  • Please refrain from taking food, dishes or utensils from the dining area.
  • Remember that Meal Cards are non-transferable. Meal cards cannot be used by anyone but the purchaser.

Cav cash - Click here to add cav cash

CAV Cash is a voluntary debit  account that is an upgrade to your meal plan. The balance is reduced by the amount of each meal that you purchase. CAV Cash can be used in CAVS Corner, Jazzman's and Sandella's and the RAC Grille. You may also use CAV Cash off campus at our 5 participating locations which are all located in Wayne, Pa:

Chinese Delight Restaurant
735 W Lancaster Ave
(610) 687-1866
CVS Pharmacy
316 E Lancaster Ave
(610) 688-3023
Domino's Pizza
128 W Lancaster Ave
(610) 293-0980
Real Pizza
1 West Avenue #B
(610) 688-5588
So Fun! Frozen Yogurt
315 E Lancaster Ave
(610) 293-7400
West Ave Pizza & Grill
18 West Ave #20
(610) 688-0371
523 W. Lancaster Ave
(610) 293-1700

A bonus of 10% will be added to your account for all deposits greater than $50 to be utilized for on campus purchases.

If you would like to add CAV Cash to your account, you:

  • Click Add CAV Cash tab and deposit your funds online
  • Or call the office in Cavs Corner at 610-902-8505 and have your credit card information ready
  • Or you may visit the office in Cavs Corner and pay with cash, check or credit card

Lost or Stolen Meal Cards Can Be Replaced

Should this happen to you…

  • Click Add CAV Cash tab and deactivate your card IMMEDIATELY (make sure you are registered first)
  • Or contact Public Safety at 610-902-8246
  • Or contact the Dining Services Office at 610-902-8505

Second helpings

You never have to be too shy to ask for seconds with our Campus Dining Program. Our generous policy allows for a second helping of many menu favorites. All you have to do is ask! Please note, however, that there are some exceptions to our Seconds Policy, we will let you know as they arise.

Dietary Needs

Do you have particular dietary needs? Our campus dining team can assist you with that. For more information, please contact the Dining Services office at 610-902-8505

Contact Information

The Residence Life Office, 610-902-8410


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